Norwich Terrier Pedigree Database

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The information in this database will only be used for non-commercial research purposes.

If your Norwich is not listed in this database, send a copy of your dog's registration papers or official pedigree from your country's national registry - in the United States, this is the AKC - and your Norwich will be added.

To find the names of dogs in my database whose sire and dam information are from show catalogs (my "wanted list"), type in the box one or two words of the name - such as the kennel name - and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard:


If your Norwich has been DNA tested for the fluffy gene, UAS or INPP5E, send a copy of the DNA report and your dog's status will be added to the database. All other DNA reports should be submitted to OFA.

If the airway of your Norwich has been scoped and scored using the scoring scheme developed by Dr. Stanley and her colleagues, send a copy of the completed NTUAS scoring form and your dog's status will be recorded.


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